Cordance Medical Announces Triple Patent Grant to Revolutionize Treatment of Brain Diseases with its Innovative NeuroAccess Platform

Mountain View, CA – Cordance Medical, a pioneer in non-invasive medical technologies for brain diseases, proudly announces the recent granting of three significant patents which solidify its intellectual property portfolio and enhance its innovative NeuroAccess™ platform. The newly granted patents encompass breakthrough methods for the non-invasive guidance and safety monitoring of ultrasound to open the blood-brain barrier (BBB), promising enhanced drug delivery and enabling liquid biopsy for conditions such as brain tumors, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases.

Details of the Granted/Allowed Patents:

  1. US Patent No. 11534630, Japan Patent No. 7063882, and Australia Patent No. 2017305228: These patents describe a novel approach using NeuroAccess, a device that non-invasively calculates where the ultrasound transducers (the “Cordance Cap”) should be positioned on the human head such that the ultrasound reaches the physician-specified region of interest (ROI) accurately. This method significantly outpaces current technologies by enabling adjustments to ultrasound focus in real-time without the need for patient immobilization or invasive procedures.
  2. US Patent No. US 11857812 B2: Building on the previous patent, this continuation patent introduces an electromagnetic (EM) technology that further refines the non-invasive positioning of the cap in relation to the patient’s internal anatomy, enhancing the accuracy and adaptability of treatment.
  3. US Patent Application Allowed 18/358295: This patent focuses on methods for confirming the focus of ultrasound beams before the BBB is opened, ensuring that the treatment targets only the intended area, thereby increasing the safety and efficacy of BBB opening.

“Our patented technology marks a significant advancement in the treatment of brain diseases,” said Ryan Dittamore, CEO of Cordance Medical. “By simplifying and improving the precision of BBB opening, our NeuroAccess platform can potentially transform outcomes for patients worldwide.”

Bhaskar Ramamurthy, CTO and co-founder of Cordance Medical, added, “These patents are the cornerstone of our commitment to innovation and patient safety. Our approach allows for a real-time targeted treatment that adjusts to patient movement, making it a uniquely adaptable and patient-friendly technology.”

As Cordance Medical continues to forge partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies and prepares for pivotal clinical trials, the new patents underscore the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare.

About Cordance Medical
Cordance Medical is a seed-stage medical technology company dedicated to improving patient outcomes in brain diseases through its innovative NeuroAccess platform. The platform’s ability to non-invasively open the blood-brain barrier promises to revolutionize drug delivery and enable liquid biopsy, offering new hope to patients with neurological conditions. For more information, visit