Our Solution

Cordance is developing the NeuroAccess™ focused ultrasound system that opens the BBB precisely to physician-directed regions of the brain in a simple, non-invasive 30-minute outpatient clinic procedure.  Our cornerstone patent has been granted claims in the US, AU, and Japan, with ten other patents in process. 

Our Product

The Cordance medical device process for opening the BBB.
  • The patient is fitted with the Cordance cap
  • Utilizing real-time transcranial imaging and a pre-acquired MRI, the location of the Cordance cap is calculated in relation to the patient’s brain anatomy
  • The patient receives an infusion of microbubbles (pressurized bubbles of inert gas)
  • The low-frequency ultrasound array beam forms to the region of interest
  • At the beam-formed location, the microbubbles oscillate in size and shape, putting mechanical pressure on the BBB and open the BBB for 4-24 hours
  • The patient receives either a 1) liquid biopsy to diagnose, monitor, and molecular characterize the disease or 2) receive systemic therapy (e.g., chemotherapy, antibody, immunotherapy, etc.), which has free access to brain tissue in the region of interest.

Product Features

  • Non-invasive and painless
  • Designed to ensure that patient restraints or head shaving is not needed
  • Portable and designed for community
  • Designed to seamlessly fit into commonly used work-flows in infusion treatment centers