Features & Benefits

  • Portable & Designed for the community clinic
  • Non-Invasive & Painless
  • Patien
    • No hair shave, implant, or fixation necessary
    • Outpatient visit duration of 30 min or less

NeuroAccess Treatment


  • Physician selects the region-of-interest (ROI) from Diagnostic MRI/CT
  • A patient-specific treatment plan is generated and uploaded to the device
  • The Cordance Cap is fit to the patient using a disposable water jacket

Treatment Procedure

  • Microbubbles are injected into the circulating bloodstream
  • Low-frequency transducers beamform to the ROI
  • Sonication induces the microbubbles flowing through the ROI to vibrate

Treatment Effects

  • Reversibly stretches the lining of blood vessels within the ROI
  • Enables large molecules to pass the BBB (in and out of brain parenchyma)
  • 1–3-hour diffusion window

Our Applications

Precise BBB opening using NeuroAccess unlocks diagnostic and therapeutic brain disease markets

Enabling liquid biopsy – real-time genomic characterization of brain disease to better diagnose and select therapy.

Precision-guided drug delivery to diseased brain regions.

Our Product Map