Cordance Medical Awarded United States Patent for Methods in Opening the Blood-Brain Barrier

The patent covers cornerstone technology to the Cordance Focused Ultrasound Device

Mountain View, Calif. – Cordance Medical, a development-stage medical device company, announces that it has been granted claims on its cornerstone patent from the United States Patent and Trademarks Office (USPTO).  The newly issued patent covers the NeuroAccess™ device currently in development.  The patent entitled “Ultrasound guided opening of the blood-brain barrier” covers multiple claims on using a non-invasive ultrasound device to open the blood-brain barrier.  The same patent was also granted claims in Japan and Australia.

“The granting of this patent broadly protects critical technology to enable a non-invasive and scalable focused ultrasound device for use in neuro-oncology and neurology applications,” said Bhaskar Ramamurthy, Ph.D., co-founder & CTO at Cordance Medical.  “This allowed patent covers cornerstone technology of the Cordance platform and is highly differentiated from current competitive solutions.”

The NeuroAccess™ device is a focused ultrasound system that opens the BBB precisely to physician-directed brain regions in a simple, non-invasive 30-minute outpatient clinic procedure.  The NeuroAccess™ device is being validated pre-clinically with planned trials in the summer of 2023.