Cordance Medical Joins BLOODPAC to Enable Blood-Based Liquid Biopsy Tests for Brain Tumor Patients

Unlocking New Frontiers in Precision Medicine for Patients with Brain Tumors Through Use of Sonobiopsy™ and Liquid Biopsy Technologies.

Mountain View, CA — Cordance Medical, a leading innovator of medical devices in the neuro-oncological and neurology application areas, is pleased to announce its membership in the BLOODPAC (Blood Profiling Atlas in Cancer) Consortium, a non-profit organization aimed at accelerating the development, validation and accessibility of liquid biopsy tests for cancer patients. Cordance Medical, drawing on years of experience from the development of the NeuroAccess™ platform for non-invasive opening of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), will contribute learnings and knowledge to creating standards in the utilization of a SonoBiopsy™ procedure, the use of focused-ultrasound with microbubbles to safely open the BBB for the purpose of facilitating blood-based liquid biopsy for brain diseases. With BLOODPAC, Cordance aims to enable and expand utilization of liquid biopsy for brain tumor patients.

“Joining BLOODPAC is a significant milestone for Cordance Medical and the patients we aim to serve,” said Ryan Dittamore, CEO of Cordance Medical. “Leveraging our NeuroAccess platform for a SonoBiopsy procedure has the ability to improve the efficacy of liquid biopsy tests. This partnership enables the availability of these critical diagnostic tools for patients with brain tumors, who are currently underserved due to the limitations imposed by the BBB.”

Lauren Leiman, Executive Director of BLOODPAC, also expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership. “We are excited to welcome Cordance Medical to the BLOODPAC consortium. We are confident that their expertise will help BLOODPAC to develop consistent frameworks and guidance for this novel field.”

Cordance Medical’s NeuroAccess platform aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of various neurological diseases, including brain tumors, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, ALS, and mental health diseases. The platform’s unique mechanism of action—focused ultrasound combined with microbubbles—offers a non-invasive, painless, and portable solution for temporarily opening the BBB.

Cordance’s membership in BLOODPAC will help facilitate collaborative research, data sharing, and the development of standardized protocols, thereby expediting the clinical validation and regulatory approval of NeuroAccess to facilitate already available liquid biopsy tests for brain tumor patients.
For more information about Cordance Medical and the NeuroAccess platform, visit Cordance Medical’s website.

For more information about BLOODPAC and their initiatives, visit BLOODPACs website.

About Cordance Medical
Cordance Medical is a seed-stage medical technology company focused on developing, validating, and distributing a patient-centric non-invasive, small-footprint, and portable clinical device—the NeuroAccess platform. The platform aims to improve drug delivery and enable liquid biopsy for patients with neurological diseases by safely, temporarily, and non-invasively opening the BBB.

BLOODPAC is a public-private consortium aimed at accelerating the development, validation, and accessibility ofliquid biopsy assays to better inform medical decisions and ultimately improve patient care and outcomes.