Cordance Medical Licenses Key Intellectual Property from Washington University to Enhance its NeuroAccess™ Platform

Strategic Licensing Strengthens Competitive Position in Focused Ultrasound Facilitated Liquid Biopsy for Brain Diseases

Mountain View, CA — Cordance Medical, a leading innovator of medical devices in the neuro-oncological and neurology application areas, is pleased to announce a strategic licensing agreement with Washington University in St. Louis. The agreement grants Cordance Medical rights to patent and patent-pending technologies related to SonoBiopsy™, the use of focused ultrasound to open the blood-brain barrier (BBB) for the purpose of analyzing molecular information through a blood-based liquid biopsy, bolstering the company’s competitive edge.

“Securing this intellectual property from Washington University and offering it with our innovative NeuroAccess platform is a game-changer for the patients we seek to serve,” said Mr. Ryan Dittamore, CEO of Cordance Medical.

“This technology will significantly advance our SonoBiopsy application, allowing us to non-invasively obtain and offer timely information about the biology of the diseased brain, enabling informed patient management,” said Dr. Bhaskar Ramamurthy, CTO and co-founder of Cordance Medical.

The SonoBiopsy technology was developed by Eric C. Leuthardt, MD, the Shi Hui Huang Professor of Neurological Surgery, and Hong Chen, PhD, an associate professor of biomedical engineering, at Washington University.

Cordance is developing the SonoBiopsy application initially for primary and metastatic brain tumor patients but plans to expand into neurodegenerative and other neurologic indications. Cordance is also investigating the use of its NeuroAccess platform for drug delivery applications across multiple brain disease indications.

“This licensing agreement underscores our commitment to innovation and positions us strongly in the competitive landscape,” Dittamore added. “It will accelerate our research and development efforts, bringing us closer to providing life-changing tools and techniques physicians can utilize for patients with neurological diseases.”

About Cordance Medical:

Cordance Medical is a medical technology company focused on developing, validating, and distributing a non-invasive, painless, small-footprint, and portable clinical device—the NeuroAccess™ platform. The platform aims to improve drug delivery and enable liquid biopsy and SonoBiopsy for patients with neurological diseases by safely, temporarily, and non-invasively opening the BBB.