Cordance Medical Welcomes Esteemed Experts Eric Leuthardt, MD, and Hong Chen, PhD, to Advance NeuroAccess Technology for Liquid Biopsy and Drug Delivery in Brain Diseases

Industry Pioneers Dr. Eric Leuthardt and Dr. Hong Chen Join Cordance Medical's Team

Mountain View, CA – Cordance Medical, a healthcare technology company behind the revolutionary NeuroAccess™ platform, today announces the onboarding of distinguished professionals Dr. Eric Leuthardt and Dr. Hong Chen to accelerate the development of its groundbreaking SonoBiopsy™ application. Sonobiopsy enables real-time genomic characterization of brain disease to better diagnose and select therapy through the use of focused ultrasound. Dr. Leuthardt and Dr. Chen, founders of the SonoBiopsy technology, bring an unmatched depth of knowledge and experience in the field of focused ultrasound and its application in opening the BBB.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Leuthardt and Dr. Chen to the Cordance team,” said Ryan Dittamore, CEO of Cordance Medical. “Their exceptional expertise and track records in the field of brain diseases and focused ultrasound will be invaluable in advancing our NeuroAccess technology and revolutionizing patient care. Our NeuroAccess platform is a transformative technology that can enable outpatient BBB treatments. With the introduction of SonoBiopsy, we aim to revolutionize how brain tumors are detected, characterized, and monitored.”

Dr. Eric Leuthardt and Dr. Hong Chen, Cordance Medical’s Founding SonoBiopsy Team

Dr. Eric Leuthardt, who has spearheaded groundbreaking research in neurotechnology, shared his excitement about joining Cordance: “I am excited to join Cordance Medical to further the development of the SonoBiopsy technology. This unique application leverages the capabilities of the NeuroAccess platform to offer a non-invasive and efficient means of facilitating approved liquid biopsy tests. It is a significant step towards the future of brain tumor diagnosis and treatment.”

Dr. Hong Chen, known for her pioneering work in focused ultrasound applications, added: “SonoBiopsy is a game-changing technology. Our ultimate goal is to improve patient care, and with SonoBiopsy, we can push the boundaries of what is possible in non-invasive brain tumor diagnostics. I am looking forward to contributing to the transformative work at Cordance.”

Dr. Leuthardt and Dr. Chen recently conducted a successful human pilot clinical trial utilizing SonoBiopsy to increase detectable circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) from patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). Incorporating this technology application into Cordance enhances the company’s clinical maturity. 

Cordance Medical is a leader in developing technologies that non-invasively open the BBB, enabling targeted drug delivery and facilitating liquid biopsy for brain tumors and other neurodegenerative diseases. The company’s core technology, NeuroAccess, is designed to be performed in community outpatient clinics, setting it apart from other focused ultrasound devices.

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About Cordance Medical

Cordance Medical is a healthcare technology company dedicated to revolutionizing patient care with its innovative NeuroAccess platform. Its cutting-edge technology facilitates the non-invasive opening of the BBB, enhancing drug delivery and enabling liquid biopsy for brain tumors. The company is driven by a mission to make these complex healthcare procedures accessible to all patients.